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Hello all! I have just become a user here, but I have been browsing for a while, and I had a question that I thought I would come and ask. I have been playing sax for about six years now, and I am really loving it! Over the past three years I have also learned clarinet and flute.
I have just gotten an oboe from the school to get into double reeds, but I have always wanted to play bassoon since hearing one in Fantasia as a kid. I would play one at school but my school doesn't have one or I would be playing it already.

So, after going through my life story, I have done some research and I cannot decide what to do to get into bassoon. I am by no means planning on being a professional, I am really wanting to do some serious amateur playing in a community orchestra though.When it comes down to purchasing a bassoon, I am all for saving and buying one, but I need some opinions on what I should do. First off, I really don't want to spend more than ten thousand dollars but I am willing to spend up to 12,000.

I know about some of the bassoon brands, and here in the states Fox seems to be the most readily available and most liked horn, followed by the Moosman. When looking on Ebay I can find both of these plus Schreiber and Sons, Selmer USA, and Kohlerts. So should I buy just a cheaper Schreiber or Kohlert since I would be an amateur? Or should I go for the Fox or Moosman? Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, how does a bassoons sound work? Is the majority of the sound based on the horn, or is it like sax and the player is the majority of the sound?

Thank you to any and all responses and your help!
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