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Was trying a few things last lesson, different reeds, each other's mouthpieces (I use a Berg, teacher uses a Link), and trying to achieve different sounds.

Found a vandoren blue box 3 that sounds superb (I usually use a 2.5 Jazz), only problem is I can only blow it for a few mins, then my mouth gives in.

Teacher suggested I try a looser embouchure, and put my bottom lip forwards. I recognise that I have quite a 'tight' embouchure, and generally bottom lip either under my teeth, or against them. Tried it, but mouth had given in and it wasn't gonna work.

neway, tried it again tonight and I can see the benefits, gives a fuller sound...but still lips give in after a short time and then it's impossible to contol.

More practice? Those that use the 'loose' embouchure, did you have the issue when you started? Drop back down reed strength? Shame, coz although I can't control it propperly, the sound that comes out is what I'm after.
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