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I just was given a Conn sax that needs some work. Post soldered and pads as a minimum.

Serial number is N159677. Original sales agreement is from 1983. Inspection tag is ID'd as 18M with above serial number.

Is this horn likely made after the company was purchased in 80.? Was it made in Elkhart or Nogales?

Opinions on it's worth spending any money on appreciated. Quite scratched but no dents.


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Seems a simple and fair enough question...but...

The 18M's and 20M's are mysteries. They bear no resemblance to any other Conn Altos ever made. Their specs are totally different...bore, body tube, bow radius, toneholes, neck, keywork, bellbrace, even posts.

Every tech I have taken one of this model to has said the same thing: "Conn didn't make this horn."

So, I believe this to have been subcontracted to another maker (or possibly, built in a factory which used to belong to another maker which Conn bought out, but left the tooling and design intact).

These are pretty bad horns....I mean, compared to a 14M or a 50M...or even the 24 or 25M's....these basically s#ck.

Actually...compared to most horns of that era....these basically s#ck. I would gladly take an Armstrong sax of the same era over one of these.

Market value in good playing shape = $200-ish.

Sorry I couldn't report otherwise.....(BTW, thanks for the dating info; we are having a conversation on another thread about this subject).
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