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Help w/Pan American Piccolo

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I have a Pan American piccolo that I can't find much information about except a couple of catalogs referred to in the Library of Congress...and the University of South Dakota National Music Museum. I was wondering if anyone can help...

It's a metal piccolo with "Pan American" "Made in Elkhart, Ind. USA" written on it. There's a number that I can somewhat see (have to dig out the magnifying glass to get the rest of it...) that reads "2781-D (maybe) -L" stamped on it. (The USD listing is a "38-P-2175-D-L", so I'll have to magnify the beginning of the number on mine to see what it says...38-P is the model; 2175 is the s/n--I'm thinking the one I have may be a later version of this piccolo, but don't know for's the link anyway:

Even if you know of another link I can use for more reseach, I'd appreciate it! Thanks in advance...
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The Conn Loyalist site is good. Yours is a Low pitch Db piccolo and not in C as normal. Pan-American was Conns other line.
One site says that you add 50,000 to the number and then use the Conn list but I find that isn't always the case. IF so yours would be from 1919 and that may be correct. I think Pan=Americans started around 1915-16 and I know they ended in 1955. The lowness of your number would make 1919 a good guess. As far as value, it isn't much. Silver plated Conn Db piccolos rarely go over $150 in mint condition. The P-A flutes were 2-piece until the late 30s and are pretty decent. I have a P-A Db flute that has soldered tone holes and a satin silver body similar to the saxes. A really good player. I think I have about 20 Conn flutes and one is a model 100-O which is all sterling with a B foor, C# trill and original case. From my 40 years of collecting Conn flutes, I think it may be the only one existing.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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