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Help Please!

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Hi my name is Rhonda. I don't play an instrument but I was hoping someone might be able to help me value my grandfathers clarinet I resently found in the attic. :? Its a Continental Clarion-Silver-(serial #37166)-good condition(needs polishing). I would greatly appreciate any input on it's value. Thank you!
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Rhonda, unfortunately most metal clarinets aren't worth much. On ebay, they typically bring $25 to $50.
Maybe $50 at the very most if it is shined and plays well. If it was an old conn wonder clarinet, it would probably be worth $350 at the most, depending on the engraving. Sorry
Rhonda: Photos would help us help you. And, a better description wouldn't hurt. Like, is it a Bb soprano clarinet? Is it Boehm or Albert System? Is it silver-plated or solid silver (I have a Silver King Bb soprano Boehm clarinet with a sterling silver bell . . . they have a little more value, but value is hard to pin down).

If it is a metal Bb soprano clarinet in Boehm System, it most likely is as others replied - not worth much. DAVE
I did find this:

And there's always my favorite:

I see there is one on ebay too.

Let us know if you decide to sell it.
We have a marketplace on these forums and I always have an eye out for a metal clarinet.
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