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Help Please

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Hello All,
I have been lurking (never posting) on this site for 6 or so months now and find it very useful looking history and opinions on vintage saxes of which I have a few (1917 Conn Bari [itching to reassemble], 1925 Silver Martin Handcraft Alto [in pristine condition], 1954 Martin Indiana [Daily Driver] and a not so old (1982) King 615 tenor.

I figure this question is a long shot but here goes anyway.
I have recently aquired a freebee Caravelle Soprano AKA Borgani Macerata that is missing the entire low Bb key and lower post. Would anyone here happen to know how to go about finding one?

Thanks in advance.
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There are some techs out there who can fabricate a key for you. I have an early 13 key clarinet in the key of A that is in the shop. The tech is going to make the left hand pinky key and a low G# key whenever he can get back to his shop. Not everyone does it but there are a few out there with the skills it won’t come cheap. I think he’s charging me $500 just for the two keys.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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