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Help Please

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Hello All,
I have been lurking (never posting) on this site for 6 or so months now and find it very useful looking history and opinions on vintage saxes of which I have a few (1917 Conn Bari [itching to reassemble], 1925 Silver Martin Handcraft Alto [in pristine condition], 1954 Martin Indiana [Daily Driver] and a not so old (1982) King 615 tenor.

I figure this question is a long shot but here goes anyway.
I have recently aquired a freebee Caravelle Soprano AKA Borgani Macerata that is missing the entire low Bb key and lower post. Would anyone here happen to know how to go about finding one?

Thanks in advance.
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I picked my Bari up a few months ago for $30 off of Craigslist. It was all in pieces and the guy thought it was a tenor and had spray painted it a flat gold. I told him it was a bari and he had no idea what that was. I got it home and put it together to make sure it had all its parts and it did minus a few springs. I took it back apart then took the body to a local shop owned by a friend to have it straightened a bit after removing the horrid gold paint. Found nice silver plating and USQMC (United States Quarter Master Corp) engraved on the bell. I'm ready to put it all back together but the shop I took it too needed an excuse to purchase an extra large mandrel but the vendor he purchased it from shut down from Covid before shipping it.
I too was a foolish youth. I sold my early Yanagasawa Bari to buy a motor cycle after collage.

Now I have a soprano with no Bb. luckily it was free.

Stay healthy
Yep. No F and no spit valve on the bari. Came with a Conn mouthpiece that appears to be original.
Once I get a mouthpiece for it I will mess around as is. But I not looking to sink much money into it unless it plays like melted butter. I have cleaned and lubed it up plus replaced a few pads to take care of the leaks. Never played a sop before so it may take some getting use to.
Thanks all.
I think I going to hone my skills at refinishing using this horn and see if I can make it look brand new just for the fun of it.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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