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help organising a Practice Session routine

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Hi all,
I've been looking through the vast material on this forum, and it's all been great. Really excited me to get back into sax.
I played for four years in high school, and mostly just did some band stuff (big band, swing, standard stuff)
But I never learnt to improvise and I would love to do some jazz/blues stuff for fun.
ATM when i get my horn out i just play through some old sheet music, and some jazz blues music that i got from sheet music plus.
I would however like to sort of start proper practising again (learning scales, tones, rhythm, etc..) with the aim of maybe getting a few improv lessons.
So I need help with my practice regime.
I've searched around these forums and there is so much stuff around that i'm not sure where to start and how to organise it especially since i now have a wife and kid, I don't really have all that much time to practice.
So any tips of a training program? which book of the many to buy?
On the beginner pages it suggested a practice routine that involved : 1/3 - technique, 1/3 scales, 1/3 just fooling around with songs for fun.

That sounds great, but where do i start with technique and scales?

Thanks for reading!
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With no disrespect to Houston (it's all good advice), his advice may not be specific enough to give you a concrete plan of action. You say you want to play some Blues and Jazz. Do you want to play at home for fun? In a small jazz group? A rock group?

What tunes do you already know? Do you know your major scales/chords? Your Blues scales? Who would you most like to play like?

If you can answer some of these questions, we might be able to help you tailor Houston's advice into a specific practice plan for the next few months, that will move you towards your goals.
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