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Help on mpc..

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I thinking of let go of my Beechler Bellite 9 Sop mpc..cause the tip is too opening for me.. I'm thinking of getting a more brighter and more power for my s901. I currently using a Selmer SS H..though it works well, just don't have the brightness that I'm looking for. I thinking of getting a Dukoff or Yani metal.. are they more powerful compare to the Selmer SS H? Thanks
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I'm not sure tip opening is the answer. My SS F is rather bright if I play it that way. For a bright tone, reduce the volume inside your mouth - like saying "eeeeeee". For a dark tone increase the volume as when saying "Oh."

But you might consider the acoustics of where you are playing. If there are many drapes or rugs, they could be absorbing the brightness of any piece. Try to find a medium live place to practice. Try also recording your sound with a good mike that can pick up frequencies as high as 15,000 hz. See if it sounds different from what you hear when playing.
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