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help needing pieces

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Hi, Im new to sotw.....but Im wondering if you ladies and gents could help me find some high level pieces for some grad school tryouts
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What lvl are you at now? What pieces have you played recently? Maybe if we know some more info, we could help you.

edit: welcome to the best forum ever!
Comon sense

Why not go look at music stores and also at the tons of repetoire lists available on the internet? There are tons of pieces that we could recommend, and tons more we may not but are prefectly wonderful pieces. A piece you play now is also a great suggestion. After all, a piece you know, that you you are good at, and that you like is much better than a piece you dont know, have just learned, and maybe don't like. If the grad schools want you to be able to play a certain piece, they'll tell you that. What they want is a piece that showcases your abilities and talents, and makes you look good. So find one that fits that.
last piece played was Conercto in E minor-by Jascha Gurewich
If you go to K-State, you aren't going to grad school anyway...unless it's on a farm somewhere. :twisted:

Seriously, though, it's really tough to say what pieces to suggest based on one piece, especially if it's the Guerwich concerto, which is a great piece but isn't very representative of modern repertoire. You might also PM someone like Drakesaxprof or Angel, both of whom are saxophone professors.
Shouldn't your prospective colleges have lists of suggested pieces?
You could always ask your own professor... She was a class mate of mine for years and years.. She's pretty aware of the saxophones repertoire, so pick her brain a little bit!!

Steve P
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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