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Help Needed with jazz standard: INVITATION

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I've recently been trying the tune Invitation but am strugling with some of the 'dominant 7th b9 b5' chords.

The first 8 bars of the sequence for tenor that I have written in my fake book is:

Dm7 / / / - Dm7 / / / - Dm7 / / / - Dm7 / / / -
Dm7 / / / - G7 / / / - C13 b9 b5 / / / - C13 b9 b5 / / /

Ive been treating the Dm7-G7-C13b9b5 as a ii-V-i
I really can't find any thing to fit over that C13 b9 b5 chord.
Ive tried playing it as a normal dominant 7th and that doesnt work. Diminished scale doenst sound any good and neither does alt scale. It doesnt even sound like a C chord to my ears on the aebersold play along I have. (I only have the play along track and not the actual book with chords)
The only thing that sounds ok is if I play augmented triads from the root and the 9th giving a whole tone type sound. Can anybody suggest how to tackle this chord? Is my sequence correct? Any advice.... I play in a boppy style normally... lots of chord tones and approach notes but it doesnt seem to work for me over this tune! thanks
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There is a good chance that your fake book chart has different changes than what the band is playing on the Aebersold recording, but if you treat the C7 chord as V of F minor, I can't see how you'd go wrong.
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