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Hi there,
I bought a vintage (50's apparently) Berg Larsen Duckbill Metal Tenor mouthpiece from ebay recently. It was a 90/3 SMS but it was refaced to 85/0 (baffle was raised to 0 by epoxy) by one of the best refacers in Orange County per seller's comment.
I used my usual Lavoz M, 2.5 Vandoren ZZ and 2M Rico Jazz Select on it. It definitely sounds quite bright comparing to my other mouthpiece (Otto Link STM 7*). I found in some looser bottom lip and more open throat situations I get a nice warm sound while having that brightness edge but I can't continue keeping that configuration for lower than low D otherwise it crackles. If I keep my low lip tight, the sound becomes really bright and thin although it allows more control for the whole range. I thought I may go one notch higher strength reed so I tried RJS 2H and Lavoz MH. They sound less thin in tight lip configuration but I get air hissing which I would rather not have. The mouthpiece came without ligature. I got a new Berg Larsen metal ligature that wasn't quite made for the profile of this mouthpiece but it's not bad. When I switch the ligature with my Otto Link STM ligature, it seems the sound becomes more pure and less hissy but Otto Link ligature profile is different and has a hump on the top so it doesn't grip very well.
So I'm wondering if someone can suggest what reed would possibly improve my situation, if I'm supposed to change my mouth configuration for different parts of the sax or use the tight lower lip and get used to the higher strength reed, what ligature people found works for their vintage duckbill if the original one is not available, and if other users found the same difficulty for managing the sweet spot on this mouthpiece.
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