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I have a B&S Blue Label tenor and i need advices to find a good and friendly (with my sax) mouthpiece. I´m looking for a modern jazz sound (Chris Potter and Joshua Redman are my references). Based in your own personal experiences, what mouthpiece(s) could you can recomend?

Note that i don´t live in USA, and here in my country are very limitated possibilities to try. Therefore i can buy in USA, but not a lot of mouthpieces, so i need take a very informated decision.

I try in the past Vandoren (Jumbo Java, Java), Berg Larsen (SS, modern and bullet chamber), Otto Link (STM modern), Bari (Hard Rubber and Gold) and a old Wolfe Tayne that a play now, but no one satisfied my taste.

Thank in advance for your comments,

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