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Help me to build up a practice routine to learn to improvise over standard tunes

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I'm currently reading the Bergonzi book about the pentatonics, Ricker's book on Fourths etc. to enhance to improvisational skills. I was thinking of building up a practise routine for this (learn to utilize these new methods).

First, I choose a standard tune and then get a play-along tune to go with it. My idea is to utilize different techniques on each chorus and finally combine these to get some new ideas and approaches to standard chords changes.

Like this:

#1 Chorus : Play just the arpeggios of the chords to get familiar with the changes.
#2 Chorus : Play the "appropriate" scales over the chords (for example dorian scale over m7-chords, mixolydian scale over dominant chords etc.)
#3 Chorus : Play only pentatonic scales over the chords (Bergonzi's book has nice advices how to use different pentatonics over different chords)
#4 Chorus : Play only triad pairs over the chord changes.
#5 Chorus : Play only lines by fourths (Ricker's book)

This is just a short list from the top of my head (I may have forgotten something important). But my question is that what else (methods & techniques) should I utilize and finally are you using something similar in your practice routine and is this a good idea at all?

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