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"what is that that thing that holds your reed against the mouth peice called??"

The ligature.

"will a new neck make it easyer for me to play??"

No, especially if you don't know what a ligature is. Practice more and when your skills are more refined try different necks then when you are able to tell the difference.

"is there any difference in figering between the alto and the bari"

exactly the same

"and can i have some rythym help ive been playing for 4 years and i still dont get rythym"

Get a good private teacher that knows what he/she is doing and they can help you with that.

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lee365 said:
im 16 years old and trying to get into my high schools stage band
ive been playing for 4 years and the band master says i need to work on my rhythm

im wondering a few things :

i got a new yamaha 4c would a new ligiture make it easyer to play ,my sax is 30 years old

and would a new neck make it easyer for me to play or should i just get a new sax ??

and can i have some rythym tips ive been playing for 4 years and i still dont get rythym

if anybody can help me it would be much apreciated

thanx in advance
Ligatures usually don't make much of a difference, the 4C is a student mouthpiece and a better mouthpiece would make a much bigger difference. Exactly what kind of sax do you have? Give us some more info. At this point, you shouldn't really think about necks, and you have to tell us what kind of sax you have for us to help you. Also, exactly what do you want to learn about rhythm (spell it right)?

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The 4C is probably not too bad a mouthpiece for you right now, probably. It's pretty easy to play. Move your reed strength up a half-step, then down a half-step and see if either is easier for you to play.

Make sure your horn is leak-free, take it to a tech and have him or her take a look at it and get it sealing well.

As for rhythm, the BEST thing to do is get a metronome, and use it WHENEVER you practice. Do your scales to it, make up rhythms and repeat them over and over with it... over time your beat will improve (pun not intended).

Also, a private teacher would certainly be a lot of help.

You could also try recording yourself playing along with some Jamey Aebersold backing tracks (you can find them at your music store or at and you can hear what you are doing right and not right and make some adjustments. MOst people (including myself) are much better listeners than they are players, so becoming your own listening critic can help.


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You don't need a new neck or ligature and theres nothing wrong with a 30 year old saxophone as long as it's in decent playing condition.
Unfortunately you can't buy what you're looking for...
Make sure your horn is in good shape and listen to lots and lots of records!
Practicing (SLOWLY!!!) with a metronome is good for rhythm too but listening to plenty of music is I think at least as important.
Good luck and don't give up.

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