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Help me identify this Selmer C* Soloist

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I have a vintage Selmer C* soloist alto mouthpiece that I bought many, many years ago. Right now it is going unused and a friend has offered to buy it from me, so I am trying to figure out what its value is.

There seem to be a number of variants of the C* Soloist out there with wildly different values. I have found some images on the Web but none that definitely match my particular mouthpiece -- though I am probably missing something obvious.

Any hints on short vs. long shank, chamber size, etc.? I have a feeling that this is the "most generic" vintage C* Soloist (that typically sell for under $100) but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey you live and learn. I always thought the ones stamped on the table were always short shanks.
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