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Hi all,

Yesterday i bought a vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone (year 1964) It wasnt used in last 25 years and there was this otto link tenor mouthpiece in the box..

I'd be really glad if you could help me identify this piece...

It fits tighter on my neck cork than modern Otto Link that i use.Its bore is smaller.

Letter T is stamped on the Ligature

Its 10* and there is U.S.A stamp on it..

Here are the pictures:

Also its so so so so dirty..Whats the best way to clean it ?? I tried coke , it really helped but there are still white stuff on the metal..

Thanks,Best regards

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Its a florida 10* usa model.
This is the last florida model made before they came out with what is referred to as the "early babbitt" model.
Its got the original lig too. The mpc is worth around $750 or so, (if it plays well, and once cleaned up)---if you decide to sell it.
Calcium deposits are common. To remove calcium, alot of guys let the mpc's sit in vinegar or CLR for a little while. (which is sold at places like walmart or maybe even cvs.)

i'm sure there are many posts that have been started here about removing calcium deposits. You can do a search for those, and should find something here on sotw.

Hope that helps.
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