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Help me identify this horn ASAP!! (Pan-Am)

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So I have a dilemma.. My mom is on the other side of the country in St. Louis at an old thrift store.. she said that she found an old Pan-Am Tenor being sold for 150$.. she says it looks in good condition (just a little bit rusty). I had her check the pads and she said that they all look pretty nice.. but she wants to know if it would be worth anything.. and to that I said


Well anyway.. the two serial's she provided are




Please respond ASAP.. because she is only going to be in St. Louis for one more day after today O_O

Thanks in advanced,
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Lol yes I am aware of WHAT the Pan-Am is.. and I told her that she should buy it regardless of how much resale value is, because it just way too cool of a horn to pass up.. >_>
I had a 10M Conn on my hands just recently.. so I can compare to see if they look at all similar.. if it is from the era you said though, then I suppose that they won't look TOO similar. My mom said she is going to send me a picture of the horn.. also, if it WAS a C-Melody, I mean MY GOD, what a find! O_O
I have yet to see a C melody.. so for me they are rare. But also, from what my mom said, the pads look fine, and there is no excessive warping of anything. Hopefully there will be no need for extensive work on it..
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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