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Help me identify this horn ASAP!! (Pan-Am)

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So I have a dilemma.. My mom is on the other side of the country in St. Louis at an old thrift store.. she said that she found an old Pan-Am Tenor being sold for 150$.. she says it looks in good condition (just a little bit rusty). I had her check the pads and she said that they all look pretty nice.. but she wants to know if it would be worth anything.. and to that I said


Well anyway.. the two serial's she provided are




Please respond ASAP.. because she is only going to be in St. Louis for one more day after today O_O

Thanks in advanced,
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Make sure that there is a T above the Pxxxxx serial number and not a C which would make it a C Melody. PA serial numbers are a mystery and you need to compare the style to the Conns of the time. I am guessing early 1920s.
If it is a model with both bell keys on the same (left) side, it would not be a C melody as Conn made horns were not offered in C Melody after the opposing bell keys (one on each side).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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