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help me id these 2 vintage alto mpc's, please

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Not even in the market but I went to a garage sale over the past weekend, and there was a beat up "from the thirties, I think"(the seller said) trumpet that had a very cheap price and I could tell it was a silver plated horn, so I bought it. But why I bought it was that there were two obvious sax mpc's in the case. One is a Vandoren and one is a Johnston-Selmer. This morning with a bit of cold water, dish soap and my fingertips only I cleaned off what crud I could, and they appear to be in decent shape; I put a new #3 vandoren reed to each, they seal and play pretty nice, the vandoren deep and rich, the selmer projects like crazy. Now, I think I've Id'd the Selmer as being an A.Lelandais from 1934, but where there should a a star engraving it's scratched so I could be mistaken. The question is, what do I have here, and are they worth holding on to? To clarify I have no intention of selling them, I mean hold on to more in the sense that are they regarded as good players or not, etc. Thanks for any insights!
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The second mouthpiece is a Selmer Johnston Mouthpiece as found here it may have had some interest to a collector if not rather mangled

made by LELANDAIS ( as many many other rmouthpieces!)

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