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Help me find something to present!

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Okay, this is hard to explain. First of all, we have 13 years of school here in Germany before we graduate. The goal, of course, is graduating with the "Abitur" in our hands.
Some stupid politicians had a "brilliant" idea to give us more work and created a fifth thing for exams to get the Abitur. You need two subjects and need to connect them together. The presentation process will involve 30 minutes of talking about it in front of a panel of teachers etc and then they will have 15 minutes to question me. I chose music and history as my subjects, but can't think of a concrete question to cover.
Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions for themes I could possibly attend to?
Thanks to you all,
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Well you play sax, how about the history of the saxophone(it's invention) and it's influence on 20th century music.
Subbie said:
Maybe I could compare two from similar times who were essentially different. Any suggestions?
Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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