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Help -Keilwerth soprano modification?

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Hi, Can anyone help me, I have just bought a Keilwerth SX90 sop and I love it, been looking for a soprano that feels right and this is the one for me. the problem I have is I have discovered a foreign body lodged in the bore near the mouthpiece end of the sax, it is a flat piece of hard material that does not block the air flow but sits in the middle of the bore splitting the air flow, could this be some sort of modification or could it be a repair of some sort although there is no evidence on the exterior of the horn. I fear trying to take it out if it is doingsomething useful but i have never come across anything like it before. Can anyone advise
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Folks would not believe the dozens of foreign objects I have removed from all types of band instruments over 28 years. From the obvious, to the funny, to the bizarre, to the....unmentionables. :D
Probably tops for me was the dead rat in a sousaphone that floated out in the ultrasonic tank one day.. :shock:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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