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So, I poked around SOTW a lot last semester during and band season and I got really interested in vintage saxes. The price and the sound drew me in. I bought the below horn for $165. To my knowledge and research I believe it to be a Martin Stencil, it says Ambassador with F.E. Olds & Sons Los Angeles Calif. on the bell

It plays it just doesn't play well. Or at least for me. Who knows, I've been smashing the keys on my YAS-23 for many many years. Maybe over blowing. I just can't seem to control the horn with a semi decent Meyer 5M mouthpiece. But I absolutely love how little effort it takes to play the horn. Cuts key action down almost 3 fold from the moment I press a key to when it seals over the tone hole.

I would like some more opinions of what it is. I could tell you more but I haven't bothered in months so I forgot a majority of what I've discovered. It has also been custom fitted from a previous owner. I don't mind the resin on the keys and I'm sure it can be removed. It also seems to have a okay repad job with a black tar like substance.

A price range would be nice for resale. I'm thinking of jumping ship for a little bit and trying out the Banjo as a new challenge. Have to generate some cash to do that.

Neck # is 40562
Serial # on Sax is 40562
I'll keep checking the thread every few hours. Thank you. If you would like a specific photo taken I can get it to you asap.
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