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Hi all, cleaning out my cluttered sax "junk" drawer, came across these alto mouthpieces that I've had for a few years. I don't want them anymore, both are too close for my tastes. Pictures are here:!Agc13oHOZPr8gtQ11xcETABigdJN3Q

1. Berg Larsen HR - I bought this in 2007 off ebay. According to the seller's description it is a 40s - 50s version, worked on a bit by Greg Weir, and measures just under .080. The slanted "Berg Larsen" lettering is very faint, and I can't see any facing numbers on it at all. Also says "LONDON ENGLAND" and "REG. DESIGN" over a bunch of numbers beginning with 8514.... It's a great sounding piece, somewhat dark and focused, but too dark and too close for me. It's got a peculiar brown shank and looks like under the black exterior it is brown. Very difficult to capture the lettering with my phone camera, but I might be able to do better with different lighting.

2. Whitehall HR - I've probably had this rolling around in the drawer for over 20 years. Marked "2" on the side, and plays like it. Maybe a classical piece? Seems very well made.

I'd like to sell these, but am not sure how much too ask or how best to describe them. Any info would be appreciated. I'd be happy to try taking more pictures if it would be helpful.
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