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Hey there!

So in middleschool I played Alto and really enjoyed it. I had to stop because we couldn't afford it outside of class.
Cut to 11 years later and I found a cheap alto in a thift store. I ended up buying it in the hopes of re-learning it.

I got it for $80 AUD which I thought was a good price compared to the 100s of dollars I see second hand sets go for online.
It came with a nice case and I'm happy though it would use a good clean and polish.

I rang up a music store and asked about cleaning and a basic 'once over' and was told they had a service for $140 AUD where they'll take it apart and clean it up.
This is why I'm asking for the brand. If I do this service, it'll end up costing me $220 AUD. I want to know how much the alto is worth before I put some money into it.
I don't want to spend more then it's worth to buy new.

Looking over it I can't see any company name except on the bell which says ''".
Going to the website, I really have no idea how it's related to saxophones and googling 'X5' shows me a list of bad brands which it resides on. No explanation and I can't find more on it.

Any help?


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It seems to have features from yamaha and features from selmer. Probably chinese made?

220 it's not that much, but I doubt you can get your money back on it. If it holds together and serves you to get started again, then its not so bad.

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certainly Chinese and modern.

It will not be possible to make a better identification.

Anyone could, and still can, order from any number of factories in China a saxophone with their name on it.

It will be impossible to know exactly which and even if you knew it you would be none the wiser since specs change continuously for this brands which specialize in producing OEM.

You can buy a new saxophone for the money that this will cost you after the “ once over” (whatever that means ...)+ the cost.

I’d suggest you sell it and put a bit more money toward buying a secondhand saxophone in playing state from a better known brand.

This sax was worth $80 to you but will probably still worth that after you spend $140 on it.

Good Luck!
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