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I think this is a Director (with a pull down neck!) or at best a Pan American. I would't bother because of the damage and because it is not really a special saxophone, I don't think that they had Directors in 1920 (and even the Pan-Am was later than that!) so the date given by the seller makes no sense. It has no microtuner.

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Looks to be a Pan Am to me.

While I haven't bought anything from that seller, they're descriptions are frequently wrong and I find their prices to be more than a little on the high side (and most of their instruments aren't in such great shape in the first place!).

Unless you're really set on getting it, I would continue looking around. For a hundred or two more, there are quite a few different vintage alto's you could get (that would be playable out of the box).

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I have to agree. The serial # is a PanAm sequence.

So both Milandro AND VSG are right...MIlandro in noting it looks like an early Director...and VSG in that it's a PanAm.

PanAms became the 14M and 16M Directors in the mid '50's.

So, it's essentially the same thing.

I have purchased from this seller, and while I might not be inclined to say they are dishonest or intentionally misrepresent...what they sell are project horns, not horns which play up and down. Most every horn I have gotten from them needed work...but, I had already expected that, so this is why I still occasionally buy from them.

From the auction, this horn is gonna need $150-200 of work, probably.

Shootingstar...can you come up with $380 total ? If so, I will sell you one of these in great shape, playing up and down, shipped. If what you can afford is closer to $325, there are others I have as well.

These are GOOD players, the usa-made 14M/PanAms. Really good. I consider them solid sleeper horns which far outperform most contemporary $500-1000 models.
Built well, intoned well, keywork feels fine, too (although the pinky table looks odd, it doesn't feel odd) and they have a nice big ol' vintage tone.

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It is a Pan-American from about 1935-55. Similar to the Conn 6M of the timebut with non-rolled tone holes and no micro tuner. Should be a pretty good player and a poor man's 6M.
The seller may be a member here at SOTW.
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