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Help Identifying A Vintage Flute!

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Hi all, thanks for reading!

Long time forum member here, who misplaced his credentials and had to create a new account :faceinpalm:

I am a saxophonist and have started dabbling with flute. A while back I picked up a flute that I've been unable to properly identify.

I bought it because I saw "Gemeinhardt" on it, but it doesn't seem to be any type of standard Gemeinhardt. It plays quite well and has a deep vintage sound.

My repair tech gave it a once over a few years back (he's since passed away, unfortunately), but he told me it was a rare find. He mentioned the pad sizes being slightly different than the standard flute pad.

Here's what I can tell you:

-Body and keywork resemble a vintage 1960's Gemeinhardt M2S, with slight discrepancies
-Appears to be made of silver
-Engraving: "A. Gemeinhardt New York U.S.A. XXX" (3 digit serial number)

I can post photos later if requested.

If anyone has any ideas or can point me to some resources, I'd appreciate it!

Thanks all!
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I see. I can't find any info on Arthur, but that is the name of the father of Kurt Gemeinhardt's father, founder of the Gemeinhardt company... Is that who we're talking about?
After some deep digging, I found this advert posted in an old copy of "The Flutist" dated June 1923.

Newspaper Font Sleeve Paper Paper product

I'm guessing this is the maker, can anyone shed any more light?
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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