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Help identify this Conn

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I have this Conn Alto I picked up in a pawn shop almost 20 years ago.

It only says Conn USA on the horn.

The serial number looks like:

Anyone know any details on this horn?

My guess is that it's some sort of student/beginner model because of how it's constructed and plays.
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Since you asked:

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Thanks Dave but I'm not so sure.

The 14M's seemed to have wire frame key guards.

Perhaps mine is a 50M student model?
You are correct Bobby, some directors did have sheet metal key guards like yours but the 5 digit serial and the pearl F#aux key screams 50m and not 14m (which was a pan am first)
My mistake as these late horns are not my forte
I'm curious as to what this horn is worth. I have one that looks just like this one that was bought when I started playing in 1968. It needs a tune up, buit if is not worth "much" then I'll just leave it in the case in the closet.
My tech is going to charge $150 to repad and adjust.
For me, that's worth it since my son uses the horn for school and I use it for marching.

I got the thing for $25 back in 1989 from a computer store that bought out an old pawn shop and was selling off the old inventory.

Not sure what the resale value is but I can't get a new horn for $150 so I'll definitely fix it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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