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With a proper overhaul and repairs do you think this horn is worth the money to be a personal player. I'll end up around $1800.

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They are GOOD horns, Kohlerts are. I have refurbed a couple of their Baritones and they are good vintage horns, IMHO.

That horn has been listed for ages and ages, and they don't drop the price much. But I have approached seller before on other horns with a respectful "I see that horn has been listed for months with no movement. Would you be interested in letting her go for $50/75/100 less ? " And the seller did reply and consider dropping the price a bit.

I would say that an overhauled one which was turned to be sold would NOT fetch $1800 on the used market, it would probably top at $1500. The stencil name hurts market value a but (as opposed to if it read "Kohlert").

But as your goal is to have a player and not flip her for a profit...the question becomes whether a total $1800 investment for a low Bb is money well-spent ? It's a quality make of horn...and any good, vintage low Bb overhauled and for sale (such as a 12M, Comm III, JK stencil, etc) is probably gonna run between $1500-2000 anyways. So it isn't a bad use of $1800 to bring her up to full speed, IMHO.
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