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Help ID this Conn Alto

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No serial number info... any ideas?

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Here are two more pics. It doesn't look like there is any engraving. Any ideas on the value?

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kimslava said:
Hi. Does it have any engraving at all? Just from the LH Pinkie cluster I would've guessed it had a 'shooting Stars' engraving. And it has no 'Made in the USA' or anything?
Here's some pix of a Made in Mexico Conn Alto
I forget the model number.
I think you are right. One difference I notice is the RH F# key placement. Interesting...

I'm trying to contact the seller to see if he can find the serial #. Is this horn worth much?
Looks like I found my answer... not worth much at all. ;-)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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