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Help ID this Conn Alto

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No serial number info... any ideas?

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Hi. Does it have any engraving at all? Just from the LH Pinkie cluster I would've guessed it had a 'shooting Stars' engraving. And it has no 'Made in the USA' or anything?
Here's some pix of a Made in Mexico Conn Alto
I forget the model number.
I think Conn had a couple of different lines of 'Shooting Star' ('Star Burst') saxes.
The one that cann0nba11 pictured and the one on the weblink I gave are from one of those lines.
I think this line of Shooting Star saxes were originally made in Elkhart, but got moved to Nogales. For a while I think a percentage were made in Nogales and a percentage were made in Mexico.
Oddly, the LH pinkie cluster are strongly reminiscent of those found on Kenosha Vitos, like this one: instruments/saxophones/vito/sn1439a/pict0019.JPG
Maybe it is just 'convergent evolution'.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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