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Help For Beginner - Second Hand Alto in Singapore

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Hi all,

I am a beginner student of the Alto Saxaphone and went through the SOTW forum on advices to buy a new Alto to learn and play on. I found plenty of useful stuff in many threads and especially this one: (I am not spamming, Gary!)

My query is specific. I live in India and am traveling to Singapore the coming month. I am looking to buy an Alto there and my budget is USD 400 / GBP 200.

Is anyone aware of places in Singapore/ Malaysia where I can buy the instrument? I am also looking for suggestions on whether I can go for a second hand sax and the various options that are available in SE Asia. I want to try the instrument before buying it and hence am averse to buy it online. However, I am looking for suggestions on this as well.

Thanks a lot...

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There are some SOTW Singaporeans in this thread:

I believe they'll be able to help you.
The thread has been dormant for quite a while now. I would appreciate help from any quarter now...

cheers, sats
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