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Hey guys!
This is my first post over here, so bear with me I guess. :)
Well, I just got my hand on an old weltklang tenor from my grandparents and its just a touch beat up. On the outside, it looks pretty great, but some of the upper register doesn't quite work right. I suspect a couple of pads aren't sealing just right (the sax definitely *smells* like it has been trapped in a basement for a few years, it would make sense that some things got a bit musty). So, I took it around to my local music shop for some repairs, but they won't touch it due to limited part availbiliy. While that's understandable, I really want to get this thing in full working condition. The nearest specialized *repair* shops are a hot while away. Do you guys have any ideas on how to get this sax fixed? Any places I can send it to for repair? Again, it's not anything major, I think it's just some replacements from being stuck in my grandparent's basement for so long.

PS: the serial number is 38959 if that helps

Thanks! :)
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