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Help! Brass part for "Soul Man" - Sam and Dave

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Hi! Can anyone out there help me? I've been working transcribing out some brass parts for a gig, and have run out of time. Is there anyone who could pass on to me the brass parts to Sam and Daves "Soul man" or point me to somewhere I could buy them? Yes I know they arent difficult and I should be able to do it myself, but time has run out!

Please reply or PM me.

Thanks for your help

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Done diddley-doo

Hello neighbor-ino,

I just whipped thru the midi really quick... There is an Eb version of the two brass lines and tenor line, and two versions of the Bb file of the 3 lines. One Bb is an octave higher than the other. Software wouldn't let me select one track and insisted on all 3, so pick that which works best. should do ya... Blues_Brothers* ... Right click, save as. From a random midi on the net, so don't kill me if it's wrong!
Hey no problem! Remember I've been using the midi files and transposing...for me to figure it out...yow.. I'd probably take the solo, load it into a sound editing program on the PC, and time expand it to slow it way down (without changing the pitch, it's a feature of programs like sound forge and other applications).

That or just hilight each note and loop it and find it...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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