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Help! Brass part for "Soul Man" - Sam and Dave

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Hi! Can anyone out there help me? I've been working transcribing out some brass parts for a gig, and have run out of time. Is there anyone who could pass on to me the brass parts to Sam and Daves "Soul man" or point me to somewhere I could buy them? Yes I know they arent difficult and I should be able to do it myself, but time has run out!

Please reply or PM me.

Thanks for your help

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Tmonster - you are a life saver - thanks a lot for posting that for me, its really appreciated!! :)


Gary is quite right, its great to have people who are so willing to help a fellow saxer in need. This has been my first time trying to transcribe the "brass parts" from a CD and has taken me much longer than I had expected!

Thanks again to Tmonster and John - I've appreciated your help and will therefore be making a donation to Harri in thanks for your help and time.

Live long and prosper!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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