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Hello, fellow saxophonists in Holland!? Interested to meet you.

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I've been studying in Ommen (a place called Olde Vechte) in Holland for a couple of weeks now. I'm leaving back home to Finland tomorrow from Amsterdam but before that I'd like to meet some you sotw friends. I know that it's kind of late to ask for this, but take contact if you feel like meeting me. My flight goes tomorrow at 7.00pm. Until that I don't have any plans. I'd be interested in visiting Amsterdam Winds but other than that I'm not looking for a sightseeing experience. A chat and a cup of coffee with you would be just fine.


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hi, e-mail me I'll give you my number and perhaps we can meet tomorrow or even today
Hello, milandro!

It would be great to meet you. I'll send e-mail right away!

And if there are others, please join us.


right!....I have still nothing in my mailbox! :D
Mail sent. So, see you tomorrow.
yes, just sent you a mail. Tomorrow 11:00 at Amsterdam central station, main entrance, I am a rather large man, not unlike my avatar, bold(ish) with a goatie :)

Thank you, milandro. I had great time with your guided tour in Amsterdam. It was very kind of you. I enjoyed our conversations about music and other things as well. Visiting music-shops - and especially Amsterdam Winds - was nice. It was very interesting to see them working on with those old horns. You were right, I do regret about not trying that Borgani soprano... Well, it would´ve been out of my price range anyway.:roll:

Let me know, if you are coming to Finland. It would be fun to meet here.


You are very welcome ! As a matter of fact , any friend from SOTW coming to Amsterdam will be most welcome to meet me and I'll be glad to show you around. ;)
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