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I'm overseas in Japan for several days.

Yesterday I had the chance to hear Wayne Shorter with Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Jack DeJohnette in Yokohama. They are doing a small tour of Japan all this week.

Anyway, the band sounded amazing. Wayne played so beautifully. He did not play as much as I would have liked. Ron, Jack, and Herbie were so tight together. They played the recognizable tunes like Maiden Voyage, Milestones, Seven Steps to Heaven, etc. All 4 of them sounded great, though Herbie shined the most for me. Wayne's sound had so much depth to it.

The word that kept coming to mind was communication. I could tell that they were constantly having a conversation with each other through the music. There was so much freedom yet it was very grounded. If you are familiar with Wayne's quartet with Brian Blade, then you'd like this group. On one tune, I think it was Maiden Voyage, Ron went into a walking bass line after playing rubato for most of the tune, and everyone else joined in. It was so subtle.
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