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Header wrong on iPad

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On my iPad, the three ads in the header are beneath the SOTW logo instead of to the right.

This makes for an awful lot of header to scroll past before you get to the forums.
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Pete, what is your screen width when browsing?
Yes, if the screen is narrower the banners will organize themselves as yiou described. I do not see an easy way to change it (and advertisers would not like ignoring the banners :)
I will look into this. I am currently working on trying to rebuils the search index.
There's an app called Tapatalk that works as a browser for forums. I use it on my iPad and iPhone. It works great!
Yes, just installed the latest version on the SOTW Forum server.
I do not know if it has any benefits on iPad over a WWW browser (except fixing the problem Pete mentioned).
I use Tapatalk on my iPhone too - It dropped all my "participated" posts about the same time other were having problem with the search index. It (tapatalk) is missing some things. Most notably, sigs, and it won't load the last 20 or so new posts. I still like it though.
The search index problem is not specific to the Tpatalk app. It is being fixed right now and the prognosis looks good. The database server is running over 40% of its theoretical capacity and it looks like seven more hours to go.
If you have been wondering about slowness of the SOTW, don't.
I also don't get Facebook. Are they really your friends?
If you ever get to Facebook, check this out.
I think the world is passing me by.
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1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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