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Header wrong on iPad

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On my iPad, the three ads in the header are beneath the SOTW logo instead of to the right.

This makes for an awful lot of header to scroll past before you get to the forums.
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I use Tapatalk on my iPhone too - It dropped all my "participated" posts about the same time other were having problem with the search index. It (tapatalk) is missing some things. Most notably, sigs, and it won't load the last 20 or so new posts. I still like it though.
I don't get it. Other than sending pictures or whatever with your phone why get tapatalk?
It makes everything in any forum alot easier to read and navigate than the iPhone browser.
Thanks. I really don't get twitter either but don't waste your time trying to explain it.

I also don't get Facebook. Are they really your friends?

I think the world is passing me by.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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