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Header wrong on iPad

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On my iPad, the three ads in the header are beneath the SOTW logo instead of to the right.

This makes for an awful lot of header to scroll past before you get to the forums.
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Pete, what is your screen width when browsing?
Yes, if the screen is narrower the banners will organize themselves as yiou described. I do not see an easy way to change it (and advertisers would not like ignoring the banners :)
The screen resolution is normal iPad, 1024 x 768. But on a normal monitor at same screen resolution it is fine. perhaps safai on i{ad takes up more border space or something.

Yes, I can see why the banners would go underneath if there is not enough width, I just thought as the site is fine on 1024 on a laptop or desktop monitor, it would also be fine on iPad. Obviously not.

I think most sites optimised for 1024 Screen res have a max width of 980px, to take into account various different browser margins, I notice that although SOTW is not fixed width, as you reduce the width of the window, the banners go out of whack at about 1000px. The forum is about 924 wide and so there is a fixed margin each side of about 38px. my guess is if these margins were reduced the problem would go away on iPad, not that it's a huge issue, just thought I'd mention it.
I will look into this. I am currently working on trying to rebuils the search index.
Yes, I think that's a priority over this.
There's an app called Tapatalk that works as a browser for forums. I use it on my iPad and iPhone. It works great!
Yes, I sue Tapatalk on iPhone, but there is no reason to on iPad as (theoretically) Safari works as normal, and much as I like Tapatalk, I prefer the full experience.

I do not know if it has any benefits on iPad over a WWW browser (except fixing the problem Pete mentioned).
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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