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I think this is a translation from the description on the Ishimori website:

... You can blow comfortably through the whole range but yet feel the back pressure of those old Selmers.

The Vintage Lacquer model is darker color, and adds the dark and rich overtones often found on the early Mark VI� sound.

This horn has NO high F# and this definitely adds greater qualities to the instrument.

... the thumb rest uses quality hard rubber so it leads to resonance and quick response. The sound becomes warm and resonant.

...this hook has interspaced between a body and itself, which enhances resonance and makes it easier to control sound volume through the whole range and to control tone color. It can also improve the quality of the D, E and F sound which often become unclear.

The Wood Stone neck joint screw and lyre screw are attached to this saxophone. They use silver alloy for these screws. This can improve sound quality and make the sound softer.

...almost all the saxophones use glue to put together a body and a bell and this way can stop resonance. But they solder them in order for the saxophone to vibrate from the neck to the bell, which can improve sound volume...
I make no comment on the horn itself, nor do I know whether it is worth its pricetag.


...... all of the above is absolutely ludicrous marketing....just completely absurd claims....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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