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Have you seen it ?

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I guess when we read things on this forum we some times come across the name of Jason Dumars. But how many of us really know what a top class engraver he really is? Well his work can be seen for some of you that have never seen it.I have put a link below so you can see how good it really is.
Well done Jason top marks very very nice Job!
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certainly the engraving is superb, though I'm not a fan of having the inside of the bell engraved, but that's just me.

Are we sure this is a Ref 54? It looks more like a Ref 36, with the brilliant, shiny lacquer. The Ref 54's that I saw had a dull, worn out brushed lacquer look to them.
Its definatly a Ref54 alto,they came with both finishes,brushed and honey laquer,this horn has been for sale on evil bay for awhile now,reserve has never been met in 3-4 auctions.guess he's asking a pretty penny.
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