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Have you met Miss Jones?

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I'm a Junior in High school (somewhere in Wisconsin :) )

I play saxes, clarinet, a little flute. Please tell me where I'm at and what level of college I should be looking at.

I would really like to go somewhere like indiana or eastman but I don't know what it takes to go there. By my senior year cold I be ready?


Oh heres the link

better recording:
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It's all there. Nice Sound - Articulation is Clean. I'd go to Tim Price posts and get his 'Stuff.' You should also check out Steve Neff's material.

This is what I'd wishes I had done in MS:

Listen is EVERYONE (Sounds like you've listened alot already)
ii-V's in every Key - Major/Minor
BLues Progession and Rhythm Changes in Every Key
Every Scale you ever heard of in every key
Play ever classical etude you can find.


Get off the books AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It's so exciting but DO THE WORK NOW. Distraction will become overwhelming in the next few years.
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