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Haunting Alto or Sop solo

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Hi forum,
Great site.
I want to play a sole (with or without piano) in a small local concert.
I've only been playing a few years, so nothing too difficult or prone to error!

My main sax is an alto, but I have borrowed a friends Soprano, to see if I get on with it, so suggestins for either would be great.

As it's in a big old church, I want something haunting and fitting. Put a chill down the old dears spines.
Any suggestions, advice on where to purchase etc.

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You might try Gabriels Oboe. Piano part is per the chart, but on sop its " several" sharps. Definitely haunting. nicko
I played Bach's "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" on soprano in an old church with live acoustics with a piano accompaniment several years back. It was very effective and "haunting". I couldn't find the arrangement of it but if you are interested, you can buy it here. Just download the trumpet version and it will work just fine.


Thanks guys,

I love Jesus Joy ... and thanks for the info about score.

I can't find Gabriel's Oboe for anything apart from Oboe and piano.
Anyone know of a sax arrangement (Alto or Sop) or should I just transpose?

:) :)
Try Erroll Garner's 'Misty'.......

Plenty of scope there.
"Harlem Nocturne" or "Manha de Carnaval"
Satin Doll, really slowly.
Marty, I think he said "haunting" not "boring".:sleepy2:
Haunting... here are some of my personal faves. These are all from film scores:

'Katya', the theme from The Russia House by Jerry Goldsmith.

'Playing Love', from The Legend of 1900 (aka La Leggenda del Pianista sul'Oceano) by Ennio Morricone.

'The Summer Knows' from The Summer of '42 by Michel Legrand but it has a bit of a tricky transistion.

Obvious one: 'Mty Heart Will Go On' from Titanic by James Horner.

Non film:

'Nancy with the Laughing Face' (was actually 'Bessie' but it was co-opted by Frank Sinatra). If you want haunting, listen to John Coltrane's version.

Despite playing for almost twelve years, I've just joined a concert band and was given a solo last week - 'Ave Maria' by Giulio Caccini. This is the third 'Ave Maria' I've encountered and all are haunting. This particular one is slow with not many notes but some nice long ones for some decent vibrato and very 'chills down the spine' harmonies and chords.

... Just a few examples I like.
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Here's a free midi of "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring".

It looks like it was created digitally. This means you can open it with just about any music editing program and have a clean sheet music copy. I tried it with NoteWorthy and it was great. Just transpose it up two half-steps and you are there.
jecgreig said:
Thanks guys,

I love Jesus Joy ... and thanks for the info about score.

I can't find Gabriel's Oboe for anything apart from Oboe and piano.
Anyone know of a sax arrangement (Alto or Sop) or should I just transpose?

:) :)
I got the oboe and piano chart and transcribed it (actually I played it on C melody and recorded it) then learnt it by heart I didn't want a music stand in the way when I played it.

Tried that site suggested for Jesu. Didn't do it for me, but Massenet"s Meditation did, so I got it for alto, Thanks jbtsax

Dig out the live recording by Cannonball of 'Somewhere', from
West Side Story.

Now that's haunting.
More great suggestions !!

Thanks all .....

Loads of great suggestions.

Having listened to as many as I can find, Gabriels Oboe is ideal.

If I get the Oboe and piano part, which was to transpose for Alto or Sop
(would sound better on Sop I'm thinking)
Oboe's are in C are they not?

Also (suggested on another forum thread) is Aria by Eugene Bozza.
What do you thing about that piece?


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Cleo's Mood. :)
tensopbass said:
oboe is C

Play it on sop, it'll sound great. Doesn't suit alto sound
Disagree. Playing Gabriel's Oboe on either sop, alto or tenor would work IMO.

Thinking the opposite, the Caccini I mentioned above was on alto, I've been so haunted by the sound I got with the band backing me, that I've been unable to sleep as it's going round in my head still since Friday. I'm going to transpose it for soprano solo and I have a couple of thoughts about the chord progression. That's why I mentioned it as a possible but Gabriel will do for jecgreig, methinks.
Music on its way

So this is what I've ordered:

Massenet's Meditation
(downloaded both Alto and Bb Trumpet {for Soprano} plus piano)

Gabriels Oboe
(ordered the Oboe and Piano parts)

Aria by Eugene Bozza
(ordered Alto and piano parts)

Demelza by Goff Richards (as Hugh Nash)
(ordered Eb horn and Bb trumpet and piano)

I've listened to recordings off the first 3 and they all sound very suitable for an old gothic church!

But .... keep the suggestions coming.

A friend of mine is playing Syrinx on her flute (she plays sax too)
at the same venue. Would love something with a similar feel (and about a tenth of the difficulty!)

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Midi file Demelza

Hi people,

Anybody an idea where I can find the midi file for the song Demelza (Hugh Nash)?


On the classical side.... "Dark Flows the River" by Carl Anton Wirth is very easy.
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