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Has this B75 been modified?

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I am totally new to the Baritone. I have an old vintage Bari and looking around for a mouthpiece to get the best from it I decided to indulge myself with a B75 modified by Erik Greiffenhagen - bought from junkdude.

When it arrived, the box is marked by Erik, but the mpc has no markings etched on at all to suggest it has been modified. I emailed Teresa at junkdude with photos to ask if there had been a simple mistake such as an unmodified mouthpiece going in the wrong box, or could she tell from the photos if it had been modified.

She was fantastic, has forwarded the photos to Dave there to ask, said to send the piece back for marking even if it is confirmed as modified. I couldn't have asked for more - except for that final email that confirms it has been modified! It will probably come, but it has been a few days yet. I have also tried emailing Erik from his mouthpieceguys site.

I do not have any issue with junkdude at all - its just that if it has been modified I don't really want get it to make 2 transatlantic journeys and wait a month before I can play it. So the sooner I know the better.

So - can anybody tell me definitely from the pictures below if it has been modified to be the double chanmber and altered baffle that Erik modifies to?

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Have you tried the unmodified one?

I tried a B75 a couple of years ago and I found it pretty powerful.
I don't own a bari so I don't spend a lot of time on it, so I finally opted for a wood LeBayle which I found easier to center in the 2nd octave.
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