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Benny Golson and John Coltrane learned by practicing every day in Golson's house, then joining local dance bands in their teens. Kids nowadays don't have that opportunity. Plus, how many of us would be happy with our kids skipping school and playing instead? Maybe the real problem is that jazz music schools are too successful and can teach people to improvise who otherwise would not have had the time - with the tradeoff of everyone sounding the same.

The first engineering school opened in the mid-1700s. Prior to that, there were no bridges, roads, aqueducts, dams, pyramids, cathedrals, or coliseums because there were no academically-trained engineers to design them & oversee construction.
I know you are joking, but art historians and engineering historians would tell you how very rigorous architectural training was before schools. But it was learning the rules from a "master".
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