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I've been pecking away at this jazz this for a while and have made some serious progress particularly over the last 10 years. Still enjoy sorting out new material and experimenting. Of course in the last 10 years, the internet has also really exploded with content. You know the 100 licks using the Flat Banana chord or the 10,000 standards everyone should know is 45 keys PDF Packages. I purchased a few of those over the years but honestly, it's very humbling as I press against my limited brain horsepower. I guess pre-internet I was really sheltered.

For those jazz experts, has Jazz improvisation always been this sort of academic discipline? In many cases, I feel like I'm staring at a wiring diagram of a 1970's amplifier. Way to much information all at once even after playing for ever.

Not really looking for suggestions as I think I've figured out my own plan. Just curious if anyone else thinks Jazz has entered the realm of genius level - child phenom thinkers only.
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