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Has anyone sanded/filed/Reed Geeked a Fibracell reed?

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I'm somewhat new to synthetics and the 1st Fibracell I tried worked great for 5 months and then got soft. I ordered a few more and have found them remarkably variable- none of the new ones played as well as the 1st one, and the best playing one of the new bunch cuts the hell out of my lips, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried sanding them down? I tried a Fiberreed and found them way too stuffy for what I do which is mostly Latin rock. Thanks in advance!
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Five months is normal for a Fibracell that is played extensively. I think you can lightly touch one up on the top only. The bottom has a membrane on it that you should not disturb. There shouldn't be a problem on the bottom anyway since it should not warp like cane. I haven't seen the variability in them you mention. I was using them on alto, soprano and baritone at one time. Now I use a Fibereed Hemp Medium on bari. I'm only practicing on soprano now because of band situations so I'm using cane on it which works better - I don't know exactly how I'll work it if/when I get in a situation that calls for soprano. I need synthetics because my 'side horns' tend to sit a lot and cane would dry out - I need them to be ready to go when I grab them. I'm still using the Fibracell on alto but I'm not quite happy with it, so I guess I'm looking for another solution.
Generally speaking, I've seen the Fibracell tend to be a little 'deader' and the Fibereed Hemp maybe a little too far in the 'buzzy' direction. However, depending on the mouthpiece, the Hemp can be very good. For some reason it works on my bari mouthpiece which is a 1975 Level Air 9*.
I also have a Fibereed 'Carbon Onyx' tenor that I haven't tried yet. My tenor piece is a Guardala 'King Curtis' (.116) so if its a buzzy reed, its going to be too bright. Only one way to find out, so I'll post when I know.
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