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Has anyone sanded/filed/Reed Geeked a Fibracell reed?

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I'm somewhat new to synthetics and the 1st Fibracell I tried worked great for 5 months and then got soft. I ordered a few more and have found them remarkably variable- none of the new ones played as well as the 1st one, and the best playing one of the new bunch cuts the hell out of my lips, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried sanding them down? I tried a Fiberreed and found them way too stuffy for what I do which is mostly Latin rock. Thanks in advance!
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All of my Fibracells have gone soft, and suddenly.

I like 'em for loud work on alto. Sometimes on bari. Never on tenor. Who knows?

Never had any success with working on them, so I gave that up. Cheap and loud!
Yeah, never got five months out of one unless it sat in the box.

3-4 weeks if played hard every day or night.
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