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harmonics, i just cant do it!

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i can get a couple of harmonic notes out, by the sound horrible, shrill and i cant hit them cleanly,
i play a yamaha 275 with a meyer 5m richie cole mouthpiece with a ligophone ligature and lavoz medium hard reeds,

i really need to start getting my harmonics more accurate, being able to play more of them and making them sound better,

can anyone give me any help at all, general techniques, practice exercises, how to learn harmonics, embouchure techniques,
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The Rascher book 'top tones' is an excellent resource.

Make sure that you know what the harmonic sounds like before going for it (think trumpet lip slur warm up exercizes). Be sure and think fundamental='oh to ah' s feel inside the mouth, 2st harmonic, 'ah with tongue going toward ihh', 3nd harmonic think 'ihh', 4th and up going toward 'eee'.

That's just a guide, the actual movements are very subtle.

It will take some time.
SearjeantSax said:
i really need to start getting my harmonics more accurate, being able to play more of them and making them sound better,
Why? Have you already mastered the rest of the saxophone? How's your general control and tone? How long have you been playing?

Can you yet play the harmonic series on low Bb, etc. or are you going straight to altissimo?
everything else is great, i am post grade 8 standard but have never actually been taught altissimo, i can play 'internal' harmonics from Bb etc, but i now play some scores in big bands where i need altissimo.
the rest of my playing, in the opinion of my audiences, is great, but i would love to be able to integrate altissimo into my general soloing and be able to play it in written pieces.

You're in the correct sub-forum. Do a search on your questions and you will be rewarded with volumes of suggestions on books, exercises, and tips. Unless you share with us some more pointed questions, we can do little more for you.

As Hakukani observes, much of the study is mental - assuming that you have your airstream and embouchure dialed in. Hearing the note before you try to voice it is crucial - for some, a piano (or synth) is a great help, for me, it was playing sop in addition to tenor.

Another tip: Don't worry about G3 for a while - it is one of the most challenging notes to voice. For many students, an A3 is a solid and rewarding first altissimo note.
jimfreebody said:
can some one explaine what altissimo is ?
Notes above the high F, one octave above :line5: or the F# above that, if your sax has an F# key.
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